The Distillers Are Back!

I bet you all have heard the news: The Distillers are back togheter!

Brody Dalle, the lead singer of The Distillers +(Spinnerette, Brody Dalle),shared this morning a 34 seconds long clip of their well know song Coral Fang in a different style, with the caption: The Distillers 2018 on her Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

She also updated her Facebook header to a new version of the Distillers logo both on her artist profile and the Distillers profile. 

Easily understandable, this triggerd a mass hysteria within the Distillers fanbase, who has dreamed of this moment since The Distillers broke up in 2006,12 years ago. 

Even better they will hopefully have the same lineup as on their 3rd record Coral fang,as both Tony and Andy confirmed on their Twitter and instagram. We are all waiting and hopeing for Ryan to confirm his part aswell. 



This is really a dream come true for alot of us Distillers fans around the world. They havent played as a band since 2006, But their comeback Couldnt have come at a better time. This year it will be their 20 year anniversary! 

Their first EP (1998/1999) and Selftitled record came out in 2000 and was an instant hit. So was their second album Sing Sing Death House (2002) with its raw angryness . Their third and la(te)st album Coral fang (2003) was a bit "softer"  than the previous albums, But the fans loved it!

Now we are, hopefully,  getting a fourth album. The expectations are high and the excitment even higher. 

Brody Dalle has gotten the best musicians on her team, and we all know what kind of incredible music they can make, so Im pretty confident this record will kick just as much ass as the previous ones! 

Follow Brody Dalle/ The Distillers on Facebook: https://Www.facebook.com/BrodyDalle/ https://Www.facebook.com/ABandCalledTheDistillers

Twitter :http://https://twitter.com/BrodyDHomme / https://twitter.com/The_Distillers_

and Instagram

https://www.instagram.com/nerdjuice79/ / https://www.instagram.com/the_distillers_official/

for updates! 

Review: J'aime Rachelle - At the end of the rainbow EP!

As you all know, punk is a big deal in the world right now.

We have the really fast and angry punk,But also the softer, pure and more melodic punk. 

So now I want you all to imagine this new genere: Sparkly Pink Unicorn Punk! 

And yes,it excists! 

An amazing artist from Belfast, Nothern Ireland, has really taken the punk scene by storm. With her amazing, uniqe voice, and sugarcute punkrock image.

She played Rebellion this year and will be playing at the Rebellion Festival next year as well! 

So let me get to the gold here.

Her name is J'aime Rachelle and is 20 years old. She playes her sets motlys akustisk,both has also used her pink el-guitar. 

She has released an selfmade EP called "At The End Of The Rainbow" 

The artwork is truly amazing, and her lyrics are wide. Its all from mental health,feminism and animal rights. 

You can really feel her pain in the song " pay as you go"

Everyone who knows her, or follow her social medias, know the struggle She has had these last years. So its so amazing that she shares with everyone, that they are not alone with all these struggles with mental health and eating disorders.

I recomend you all to go to her band camp: https://jaimerachelleofficial.bandcamp.com/releases  and buy and dowload all 4 amazing songs! 😁


*pictures taken from J'aime Rachelle 's official Facebook & Instagram. 

Fuck Frankie - In The Center!


Bad Cop Bad Cop - Warriors vinyls!

Got my hands on these awesome Bad Cop Bad Cop Warriors vinyls! 

This album is so amazing!  

It kicks ass from start to finnish!



Interview with Riotgrrrl : Isis Queen From Barb Wire Dolls!

Name: Isis Queen
From: Greece
Age? Depends on the day and the outfit I wear.


Isis Queen is the leadsinger of the Greek punk band Barb Wire Dolls.

Shes known for her exellent stage performances and great vocals.

With her blonde hair , blood red lipstick  and punkrock image , Isis is a riot girl with a big R!

So heres the interview!


Can you remember when your interest for music started?

My mother introduced me to The Doors when I was very little and I always remembered that. But growing up I always loved listening to old Motown albums and compilations from the 50`s. I have no idea where I got this music from but me and my sister had a slight obsession for it.


What made you  start playing music ? 

When I met Pyn Doll our guitarist, he introduced me to a lot of music that eventually would influence me enough to want to start a band together.


What made you sing in the style you do?

Two bands had the biggest influence on me to start Barb Wire Dolls. After moving to "The Ikarus" (an artist commune in Crete Greece; I ended up watching "The Song Remains The Same" a music documentary on Led Zeppelin. I was so enthralled with this 2 hr movie that I ended up watching it 3 times in a row which made me want to start a band. But it was being introduced to The Sex Pistols music that made that dream of starting a band a reality. If they could do it, so could I!  Zeppelin gave me the dream and the Pistols gave me the reality to do it.


How did you learn how to sing? 

By listening and singing along to the other singer/songwriters staying at "The Ikarus". I would sing along to Pyn Doll`s songs every week at the parties and eventually would learn them. He asked if I wanted to start a band together and that`s how we started collaborating.


Do you  remember the first song you learned to sing to?

The first album I clearly remember playing continuously was a tape of David Bowie. I don?t know what album it was but it was Bowie in a suit looking handsome with a light blue background. The way he looked was just as important as his music because I would sing and dance while holding the cassette cover pretending I was dancing and singing with him.


Which musicians has had the most impact on you ? 

It has varied throughout my existence but the main influence for the band has been the first wave of Punk from the 70`s. We even named the band after the idea and controversy of the New York Dolls.


Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

The first wave of Punk from the 70`s is so important for me. Those bands were all so different from each other and they stated that you can create your own style and not apologize for it. You can find other people that are like minded and change  the way things are.


What does playing music means to you?

Freedom. Magic. Love. Expression. Sex. 


Can you remember and describe your very first instrument, and what it ment to you?

My grandfather was a priest so even though I did not grow up in a musical family there was singing. Though I had no idea how to sing in tune for many years, I think those first memories going to church and having music be based on vocal melody only, influenced me to want to sing in a band.


Are you ever influenced by old records & tapes? 

Unfortunately I do not care for the music of my generation and so I confide in old records and tapes to hear the music that inspires me.


When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

I am bored and disgusted by the state of music today. So my response to the neglect of real rock n roll is to start my own band. Barb Wire Dolls is exactly the sound, image and songwriting that I love. It truly is our real expression as a collective.


How  did you get your band together?

While living in at "The Ikarus" me and Pyn Doll would travel the 9hr boat ride to Athens every weekend to play shows because no one would book us in Crete coz they didn`t like the fact that we were a loud punk band. In Athens we met our drummer Krash Doll and the band really took off from there. We would put on free shows that we called "Punk Rock Matinees" every Sunday and eventually a scene started from there. Our name and demo reached a legendary rock DJ by the name of Rodney Bingenheimer who started playing our demo non stop on his show in Los Angeles on the biggest rock radio station in the world; KROQ. Since that was the biggest opportunity a Greek band had ever gotten, we sold everything we had and bought the tickets to LA where we ended up becoming the first rock band from Greece to play the U.S. 


Which bands have you played in / Are you  playing in?

Barb Wire Dolls is my first and only band.


How would you describe your music style to other people?

LOUD and unconventional


I know you have played alot of gigs , does it  ever happen that you  get nervous before a show?

Rarely. I do not feel like I have something to prove when I get on stage so I don`t get nervous. 


What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

Do it for the love of the music you have inside of you. Don`t follow anyone elses rules or advise. Be spontaneous.


What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

It is rare that I go to concerts because I don`t want to see the older bands that I like because either they are doing reunion tours (and don`t really care about creating new music) or the younger bands are playing music that I don`t care for and has no well of artistic energy.


Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play? 

No, but most venues book us because we are different and loud.


As a girl , have you experienced being underestimated musically?

No, but I don`t think of myself as different from anyone else so I don`t put out that energy. I love who I am and feel confident that that is all that matters.


Is it difficult for  you  to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

I don`t have a personal life so that is not a problem. My life revolves around the band and surfing. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to surf when you are on tour, but I only think about it if I see surf on the way to the venue.


What is your best music related memory?

Playing to over 45,000 people at a festival we were one of the headliners for in Spain. I did everything I thought of doing on stage naturally and the crowd was going ballistic in return! 


Listening to your  records (Barb Wire Dolls)  , i can hear you have your own vocal sound  , is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

No, not at all. I am not musically trained. Neither is the rest of the band. We are all self taught so it all comes out with no thought only through radical expression.


As mentioned earlier , you  are the lead singer in the band Barb Wire Dolls , how is that experience for you?

You have the power inside of each and every one of you to create the life experiences that you believe you are worthy of. Being in this band for me is the example of that. 


And last but not least , what  goals do you want to reach with your music?

I find myself every time I play music. I realize my potentials and my abilities. It has opened and world of confidence and beauty that I now live my life by. There should be no excuses or compromising when choosing life goals. Everything is possible. Do not look to the outside world to find acceptance, you have it at all times inside of you. You will find the people you need to connect and bring your reality to the next level. Join us at a show and know that music can inspire and fulfil your senses.

Thanks to Isis for this interview!

Be sure to check out her band`s music here:



Review: The Yum Yuckers - A Tragic History ( Vinyl)

The bands guitarist Mande sent me this beauty after me begging for a purple version for like ever! :D

If you havent heard of this amazing band ,you really should givem a listen : https://yum-yuckers.bandcamp.com

First of all , just LOOK at that vinylcolor and coverdesign.
It grabs your attention and gives you an urge to buy and listen to it!

Roy,the vocalist, has a captivating voice and brings the lyrics forth in one hell of a way!
His voice is a mix between Jim Lindbergh and Glen Danzig ,and its a perfect match!

Mande , the Guitarist, brings the mood to the songs with her great guitarsound.
She`s riffin her way trough the songs , and you cant help yourself from starting a moshpit!

Joe,the bassist, has the heaviest but still mentally charging bassound , wich makes the songs a total brainparty.

Sean,the drummer, matches it all with his spot on drumming. Every song has perfectly matched drumbeats!

Favourite song must be Populist Morality , for its agressiveness and hard sound.

You should totally buy this record , its pure gold! Or should I say Purple? >:D
You can get your copy here:

My style , My Statement! : Rockabilly Fashion With Stament From: Rakel Haugen!

We have all had that fascination of the clothing styles that has been in past , right?
All from the 50s swing Dress to the mordern Rockabilly  Pinup Dresses and fashion.

The 50s styled clothing is easily recognized by the polkadots and swingskirts!

Fabulous from start to end,and with all the amazing accessories to compliment your outfit , WOW!*

Photo : Lill v/Kvernberget fotostudio

Theres only ONE Rockabilly Chick I know , that would be perfect to get a My Style ,My statment from : Rakel Haugen

When my interest for the pinup rockabilly style started, I'm not entirely sure,
but it has only increased in recent years. It has always been important for me to have an individual style,
I love the feminine and rock style. In the pinup rockabilly style, you have big variations and I like to vary according to the way I feel every day. The 40-50's clothes are made to fit all types of bodies and I feel comfortable in the clothes of this era. Makeup and hair takes some time and requires exercise, sweating,
hairpins and hairspray, but it's fun when you finally get it !! Pinup rockabilly is
"body positivity" and fabulous fashion , all in one 👍 - Rakel Haugen

Photo : Lill v/Kvernberget fotostudio

Photo: Rakel Haugen
And lets not forget the amazing polkadots! They come in all shapes and sizes!

Photo : Rakel Haugen
Leopard print is a big Rockabilly Fashion Pattern! 

And ofcourse , the Punup Fringe! Huge trademark!

Photo: Sigve Torland

Photo: Rakel Haugen

Thanks to Rakel for her style and statement !

Interview with Riotgrrrl Rosalyn Mazzola AKA Casper Rose From The Distillers and PrettyLittleShindig!

Rosalyn Mazzola AKA Casper Rose


Rosalyn is the vocalist of the brand new and upcoming band PrettyLittleShindig!
You may also know her as Casper Rose from the punkband The Distillers!

Her new musical style is quite different from her time in the Distillers. Instead of her guttural , raspy screams , shes now got a soft and soothing voice, wich is a really divine experince listening to.

You can clearly hear her pain and anger , but the way she brings it all together trough her music is amazing.
The guitarsound is pure awesomeness!

Her ep Songs from rehab tells a story of addiction , struggle and survival. She`s just as big a idol now as she was for all the teens back in the 2000s.

And now, after 10 years , shes back to kick some musical ass , once again!



Heres the interview!



Can you remember when your interest for music started?


- Well most of my family on my mom and Dad side are musicians so I grew up with rock n roll. I can tell you my first concert I was ever takin to and actually remember was The Cramps in 1987 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre by my aunt Diane. I was 5! All I remember was Lux starting to take his pants off and grab his dick and then my aunt Diane's hands going over my eyes haha. So it's not like I just started out of the blue becoming interested in music ya know I was just thrown into it growing up in my family. My aunt Diane gave me my first hardcore punk mixed tapes her and her friends made in the 80's for Xmas one when i was like 13-14 yrs old. One of the tapes was the Flex your head comp that just fucking blew my mind cuz  before that i was just starting to listen to The Sex Pistols,The Clash,Subhumans,The Jam....and i thought " geeez,this is punk rock?" and was unsatisfied! So when i heard S.O.A and fucking Youth Brigade for the first time i was like fuck yea that's more like it!

What made you choose the instruments you play? 


- I have 5 uncles that play guitar and my father so me playing guitar just happened? 


or what made you want to sing in the way/style you do?


- I don't know how to answer that question. Like I sing how I sing because that's what it sounds like when it comes out of my mouth I guess. 


How did you learn to play your instrument /sing like you do?


- my Dad taught me how to play guitar. My mom sings so I don't know I guess I just ended up singing too.


Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?

Wich one was it?


- oh shit It was About a girl by Nirvana and then every other nirvana song after that.


Which musicians has had the most impact on you ? 



-  Kurt Cobain. I was 11 when he died and It really affected me because I fucking loved nirvana. It was the first band to ever make me feel something. Like feel feel and that led to wonder of you was writing these songs. Kurt was the first person I had ever heard of who did heroin. So when he killed him self I had to know why. And so my obsession with heroin started many many years before I had ever tried it. I loved the way he played guitar his voice. They were just real to me.


Do you have any musicians you have learned from?


- Like actually learned from? My dad. I learn from him everyday.


What does playing music means to you?



-music to me is Unconditional. its something that's in me and that I has to come out. if its not able to come out of me then I feel suppressed and void. its a magical thing when you have the natural ability to recreate something you've created inside yourself.



Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?


- it was a white fender squier. I covered it with skate stickers. Independent,Spitfire... I saw Kurt Cobain playing one but his was a Strat. So then I had to have one haha. I'd never play a fender these days tho I just dislike their sound. it was exciting as fuck though having that first guitar and learning to lay. I actually had something that was mine and all mine that I cared about and that fucking meant something to me.




Are you ever influenced by old records & tapes? 


-Of course. the first "old" music I heard besides like The Stooges and Mc5 was really really fuckin old music that my dad had 45's and  cassette tapes of in my teens. They were old out of tune blues such as Skip James,R,L Burnside,Willie Mctell,Elizabeth Cotton....I remember just falling in love with this music because it was recorded so shitty and the guitars were so out of tune and these beautiful emotional vocals painfully singing about the devil and women and traveling and sorrow and losing loved ones... just made my heart stop.



When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?


- The minute I picked up a guitar and learned to play when I was 11.



How and when did you get your band together?


- ive been writing and recording songs for ever but have never put the songs out so this is just me finally getting my shit together and getting the shit out there.


which band have & are you in?


-The Distillers


How would you describe your music style to other people?


- I can't really answer that,man. 




I know you have played  live  , does it  ever happen that you  get nervous before a show?


I never stopped getting nervous before a show! I felt like i was going to die and puke on my probably already puked on pants before shows.That's why id drink and get as fucked up as possible before shows. The minute id get on stage though the nervousness went away.The few shows that i played sober though,man, were the best shows and also i remember shows that i had to play dope sick as fuck and those too were the best shows. Its like i was forced to sweat all that sickness out of me up in stage.




 What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?


- uh don't do drugs.mmmk. Seriously. Find cool people that play cool things that you get along with musically and personally. And don't do fucking drugs.



What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?


-I haven't been to a show  for over a year since ive been clean. i don't want to be around all the drunk people yet haha




Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play?



As a girl , have you experienced beeing underestimatet musically?


- No I have not. Ever


Is it difficult for  you  to balance your music-career with your personal-life?


- Yes very. My boyfriend and i both have kids. He has 3 and i have 1 and he owns a painting company and i work full time with him painting and its awesome and busy. I just am really digging this normal kind of life. its feels great and i don't want to rush my music career to push my family aside.  i write music every spare moment i have and that's all i can do. I'm not trying to make a big thing out of my music. like i said i just want it to be heard.


Rosalyn has just released her bands first EP "Songs from Rehab"! You can listen and buy the EP here:itunes.apple.com/us/album/songs-from-rehab-ep/id1213057333



Listening to your  recordings (The Distillers / PrettyLittleShindig), I can hear you have your own sound. Both hard and brutal to soft and clean vocals.  , is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?


-I don't know,man, its just how i play. The music i write now and other solo stuff ive done in the past is not something i work at doing. Its just what comes out,ya know? But i can tell you that the way i screamed in The Distillers was something i worked at. I didn't want to sound pretty or to be pretty. I wanted to be brutal and for people to think i was brutal and that took effort cuz really I was and am anything but brutal haha



Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?


- things I've experienced. I don't like writing about shit I don't know about and I don't write about things that don't matter to me. Like poetry filled with just words that look pretty together or sound good together and have no substance I don't dig that.


I know you played the guitar and sang in The Distillers back in the 2000`s.
How was that experience for you?


- This is a really hard question for me to answer. Oi vey. I mean it was truly exciting for me to tour the world and play shows and play on 2 albums but it was also the start of a downward spiral for me. i just wanted to hang out with boys and wanted/needed to get fucked up and when i wasn't i was sick and miserable. I think back then I was very ungrateful for everything that Brody had invested so much of her heart into and also Tony for absolutely taking care off me on and off stage. He had to put up with a lot from me and that wasn't fair to him. id change everthing back then if i could. But I'm here now and alive and lived that life soooooo....  


And how do you see the future for your new band PrettyLittleShindig?


- Honestly i just want to write and record music. I'm not to interested in touring or playing a lot of shows. I am currently writing songs for an album.



Last but not least , what  goals do you wanna reach with your music?


- I just want to get the music out there for people who dig it is all.

Thanks to Rosalyn for this interview!

Check out her music here: http://www.facebook.com/prettylittleshindig

Interview with Riotgrrrl :Puss Johnson From Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons!

Puss Johnson
Age 34

Photo : Paul Boyling

Puss Pussycat Johnson is the famous Feline looking vocalist of the horrorpunk/Rockabilly band Pussycat and the dirty Johnsons.
Shes the feamle punk rock version Elvis, and her attitude hits you straight in the face! Puss`s live perormances is something you will remember for life.
I saw her live at Rebellion 2016. She had the flu , and was burning up with a fever. She still delivered the best damn liveshow I`ve ever seen!
Her voice is a mix of everything! All from clean to raspy screams. Shes a real champion and I cant WAIT to hear their new upcoming album.
She`s seductive and ferousious at the same time,just like a cat. She could just be playing with you , but also bite your head off if you are a rude sexist little tool. Believe me , Ive seen her live. She will take no shit!
Besides her voice, her stage outfit is her trademark . She wears a tight leopard printed leotard , with a leopard tail , some awesome boots and for kitty ears? Her hair! And the handpainted leopard makeup completes the whole outfit. She also have her own clothing line: Puss Johnson Apparel : www.facebook.com/PussJohnsonApparel
Everything about this girl is pure purrrfection. One can tell this is her mission in life.

This riotgrrrl will be dominating the punkrock scene for a loooong time , so you better get used to it!


Heres the interview!



Can you remember when your interest for music started?

I've always been around music, when I was a kid my dad was always listening to old blues, jazz and 50's rock'n'roll records... and my eldest brother played guitar and was really into Jimi Hendrix, 60s R&B and Mod revival stuff. So I had a good start!

What made you choose the instruments you play?

Well, who wouldn't look at Jimi Hendrix and think 'I want to play guitar like that!' Unfortunately I can't though but I think I just about get by ok ha!

How did you learn to play your instrument/sing like you do?

My brother taught me a few basic chords on the guitar and I taught myself from there. I can't say how I learnt to sing really, just happened!

Do you remember the first song you learned to play/sing to?

It was probably House of The Rising Sun, standard...!

Which musicians have had the most impact on you ?

There are probably too many to mention as I am into lots of different types of music... But I guess the main ones would be James Brown, Elvis, David Bowie, Captain Beefheart and Iggy Pop. Jon Spencer has also had a big impact on me, amazing performer. Grace Jones as an icon made a big impression on me, I'm not into everything she's done musically but her style and fierceness is inimitable, I find her fascinating.


Do you have any musicians you have learned from?

I learn from everything I listen to.


What does playing music mean to you?

I don't know what I would do without music, playing in a band is my therapy. I'd be completely lost without it.


Can you remember and describe your very first instrument?

I had a little spanish guitar, I went with my brother and my dad to pick it up from whoever they bought it from, for 5! I covered the front in leopard print paper. I still have it actually, although it is all bent out of shape now, I keep it on my shelf as a memento.


Are you ever influenced by old records & tapes?

All the time! Well not tapes.. don't think I've listened to a cassette tape for about 10 years!


When did you know that music was one of your missions in life?

I think when I started writing my own songs and realised that I could express myself in a way that I found impossible to express in any other way.


How and when did you get your band together?

This band in the current lineup has been going for about 5 years but I've been playing in bands with Dirty Jake for about 13 years. No

exciting story really, he and his band at the time asked me if I wanted to tryout as the singer and I got in!


Which band have & are you in?

Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons!


How would you describe your music style to other people?

This is always a difficult question, I guess essentially we're a trashy-punk-rock'n'roll band.



I know you have had alot of live shows, does it ever happen that you get nervous before a show?

I don't get nervous before playing, I actually find performing much easier than things other people consider normal, like talking to people!


Photo : Debbie Atwell

What advice would you give to beginners who wants to start a music career?

Do it because you enjoy it, not to get famous. Anything on top of the enjoyment is a bonus. Also, don't become a self-important jerk.


What kind of concerts do you like to go to yourself?

I most enjoy going to see Jon Spencer's bands ? The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash and his wife Cristina's band Boss Hog. I don't have much money to go and see bands but I never miss those bands if they're playing somewhere I can get to. Where I live there isn't much going on that is my bag, so I have to travel up to London if I want to see the bands I like. I enjoy seeing bands that are noisy and weird. I don't like going to see bands in huge venues because I like to be able to get top the front so I can be up close to the band and see everything.


Have you ever gotten rejected by venues because of the kind of music you play?

I can't think we've been ever been rejected but I'm sure I've been reprimanded for climbing on things, health and safety first ha!


As a girl, have you experienced beeing underestimated musically?

All the time! I doubt there's many female musicians who haven't been to be honest, unfortunately... A common thing I have experienced is the sound man doesn't bother putting my guitar through the pa system, or doesn't have my volume up very loud. I only find out when I see Youtube videos and I'm playing but you can't hear my guitar at all.


Is it difficult for you to balance your music-career with your personal-life?

As I said before I don't have much money, and there's not much going on where I live, so I don't get out much. I pretty much just stay at home doing art for my Puss Johnson Apparel stuff. Gigging gets me out and about!



What is your best music related memory?

Supporting The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Life goal.

Puss is currently working on her bands new album. Could you give us some info about it?:)

It kicks arse!


Listening to your recordings (Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons),
I can hear you have your own vocal sound.Is this something you have worked hard on to achieve?

Not really, I just like to sing and that's how it comes out.

Photo : Diver & Aguilar.

Which topics are important for you to use when writing lyrics?

Whetever I feel passionate about, what makes me angry, things that amuse me...


I know you have toured alot with Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons.
Whats the best memories/ experiences you have traveling around with your band?

I don't sleep very well so all the getting up early to leave hotel rooms and travelling really takes it out of me. But the bit where I get to perform more than makes up for it. I twisted both my ankles badly on one tour, and there have been a few moments where I have diced with death, most recently I was very high up on the drum kit (which was on a huge drum riser), I went to jump off but realised that my big clumpy boot was stuck. I had to just go for it... and thankfully, cats always land on their feet.


Photo: Steven Tagg-Randall.

And how do you see the future for your band?

We'll just keep doing what we're doing, and enjoying it.


Last but not least , what goals do you wanna reach with your music?

Just for people to keep listening and coming to gigs, anything on top of that is a bonus. ;-)

Thanks to Puss for this interview!

Check out her music and clothingline here: 


New Vinyls: Spinnerette!

Finally got my hands on these gems!

Spinnerette Baptized By Fire Strictly limited vinyl , only sold on their website:D

Baptized By Fire red Version, limited edition.

Spinnerette Limited Pink Vinyl.

Spinnerette Unofficial Blue Vinyl